About Us

DEVELOPMENT Solutions (DS) is a leading consultancy specialised in the delivery of technical assistance projects to support EU external policies in strategic partner countries and emerging markets. DS currently implements a diverse portfolio of projects based around crosscutting themes of market access for EU investors and exporters in foreign markets, policy guidance for sustainable development in converging economies and comprehensive strategies for business internationalisation. These projects continuously hone our bases of expertise in research, regulatory monitoring and policy assessment, market analysis, project quality management, and stakeholder engagement.
Our expertise is built on our strong grounding in research, regulatory analysis, and project management.
Our work is focused on the following areas:

Trade and Economy

Our work in the Trade & Economy Division includes high-profile policy initiatives for governments, international development banks, and other clients in areas ranging from sustainability impact assessments for trade and economic cooperation agreements to trade compliance studies. Our division is built on a strong grounding in policy and investment analysis, incorporating legal, economic and statistical analysis; regulatory expertise; expertise in international development trends; socio-economic, legal, and market research; monitoring and evaluation; as well as civil society, public and private sector consultation. DS’ multidisciplinary team, including policy analysts, economists, attorneys, and other skilled professionals is experienced in providing evidence-based advice and a range of complimentary services to fully meet our clients’ needs.

Business Facilitation

DEVELOPMENT Solutions provides tailor-made services designed to expand and strengthen the private sector. Through our experience working with enterprises, industry associations, government institutions we have developed our ability to design and implement effective interventions aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of our clients.

Energy and Environment

DEVELOPMENT Solutions works with different specialist environmental partners in a range of environmental disciplines. Our combined resources provide protection strategies for land, water and air environment as well as for energy efficiency projects.

An integral part of our approach to supporting environmental initiatives is the development of Public-Private Partnerships. Activities include supporting policy development and institutional strengthening of public sector bodies and the development of the capacity building in environmental impact assessment.

Human Capacities

Assisting developing countries in building human and institutional capacities has been fundamental to the activities of DS. Our services in transferring managerial and technical skill to our clients have enhanced the ability of local counterparts to overcome development challenges and embark on a path of long-term reform.