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Turnkey legal and technical compliance services:

Identify and facilitate the ideal business and legal partnerships, for business internationalization. Prepare documentation in relation to availing concessions under FTAs and approaches to navigate non-tariff barriers. Swift execution of business and legal steps along the international supply chain, including filing of representations before the government/ dispute resolution and litigation etc.

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FTA Analysis to establish a business strategy for supply chain optimization:

Through a process of tariff mapping, (tax rates on import / export, from different countries and regions), reflecting Rules of Origin, we compare the clients current supply chain structure to new ‘improved efficiency’ scenarios, which would be possible under the new FTAs. This helps to determine an optimal business plan for both sourcing & sales […]

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Audit client’s international business structure:

Capturing, by HSN classification, the main origin of raw materials inputs and destination (domestic or export) of output products and services. The analysis also captures the current business strengths, management objectives and targets.

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During our first consultation meeting, we aim to understand our client’s current business structure, dynamics, and ambitions. We outline the fully confidential 3-step process, which assesses the client’s current supply chain structure and efficiency, identifies the best opportunities presented by India’s FTAs, and charts a course to maximize the company’s growth